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Foundation and Principles
Nobel Medical Publishers was established in 1974 to provide service in the field of medical publishing.

It has been continuing its indisputable leadership in the sector of medical publishing for many years by virtue of establishing its working principles on honesty, quality and trust. As a consequence of its business volume and structure increasing incrementally over the past 37 years, our company made a great contribution to the economy of our country by taking place on the top for 5 years and in the first three for the other years among the companies paying the corporate tax to the Directorate of Revenues, where it has been registered, between the years 2000 and 2010.

Domestic and International Publications
Our company has published more than 1500 domestic and foreign books which were translated from foreign languages into Turkish with all the rights reserved and owned by our company. It minimized the period for the preparation and publication with the services within the structure of the company including typesetting and graphics, prepublication, printing and distribution, and enhanced its quality. In its printing house covering an area of 5000 m2, pre-and post-press stages are carried out with the fastest and most advanced technology. Nobel Medical Publishers offers service to various countries in the world, particularly to Europe, with these values.

Nobel Medical Publishers, successfully acting as the Turkey representative of almost all foreign publishers that are active in the field of medical publishing in the world, offers service in 11 stores in 7 big cities and delivers the products of all domestic and foreign medical publishers by its own strong distribution network in the fastest way possible.

Sales and Distribution
Nobel Medical Publishers reduced the process of accessing information for the Turkish physicians by offering nearly 4000 publications in foreign languages and 2000 publications in the native language in its stocks in the department stores. It also successfully continues to bring more than 1.000 periodical journals to our country in a shortest time and deliver them to its subscribers or owners along with the books published abroad but not available in its stocks.

Nobel Medical Publishers opened its first web site in 1998 in order to offer better service to its customers. Nobel Medical Publishers, which gets its share from the rapid technological developments everyday and makes its website more efficient and secure day by day, activated its first e-trade website in 2003. It offers campaigns and technologies such as installment options, paying at the door, NobelCARD, NocelCHECK, NobelSCORE, NobelCARGO to its customers.

Our Goals and Objectives
To prepare publication services in accordance with the international quality standards in order to provide value for the success of our customers.
To become a world company in the field of medical publications which offers value added solutions in the publishing sector with the correct publications inland and abroad, follows new developments in medicine closely, maintains the highest level of customer satisfaction that directs the changes, and which foreign and domestic business partners primarily prefers.

While the Nobel Medical Publishers determines the strategies they will follow to achieve its vision and mission, it also defines its corporate values to be obeyed by all the employees. These values, which are indispensable for all the Nobel employees, are rules of business and life style they absorb. Investing in our employees and technology for sustainable development is an integral part of our policy.

Quality service, trust-based notion of work and honesty are the principles of the Nobel Medical Publishers. Nobel, which has enabled the Turkish medical publishing to reach the world standards by continually advancing from the beginning to the present day, will continue its success in the future as well.