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Handbook of Postoperative Complications

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Oxford University Press
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This handbook focuses on the complications which can arise after surgical procedures. Complications are clearly important and are increasingly used as measurable, clinical performance indicators. The consequences of postoperative complications can include the inconvenience to the patient, their relatives, work and lifestyle, complaints and litigation against the medical staff, and increased periods of hospitalization, with the associated cost implications.

Handbook of Postoperative Complications is divided into two sections; the first covers general complications such as pressure sores, complications of fluid balance and problems related to anaesthesia. Section two focuses in on the complications encountered in all the major surgical specialties.

This book, written and presented in the familiar, concise and convenient note-based style of the Oxford Pocket Medicine series, will be essential reading for all trainee surgeons, medical students, operating theatre staff, nurses, rehabilitation staff and general practitioners responsible for the care of surgical patients after their discharge from the hospital.