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Clinicians Guide to Angina

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Taylor & Francis
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In recent years angina pectoris has become an increasingly common diagnosis in patients admitted to Coronary Care Units and Medical Wards. At the same time, considerable research interest has ensured that significant advances have been made in the understanding of coronary artery pathogenesis, plaque formation and plaque instability. The role of inflammation in coronary heart disease and the convergence of many traditional risk factors in a final common pathway leading to atherogenesis is better understood, and it is now recognised that diabetes and obesity, both diseases with considerable implications for plaque formation and development, are a major and growing health problem.

Clincians' Guide to Angina puts this important subject in context for the primary care doctor, general internal medicine physician in training and in practice and staff involved in the management of patients in Coronary Care and Intensive Care Units. Taking a clear 'step-by-step' approach to give a practical and coherent source of information, the text takes the reader through approach to clinical evaluation, differential diagnosis and investigations for patients presenting with symptoms suggestive of ischaemic heart disease in both the primary care and hospital settings. Treatment strategies and guidelines are provided, and the book also examines risk factors for the disease, approaches to secondary prevention and cardiac rehabilitation. Up-to-date evidence-based information on medical strategies, interventions and surgical management is included throughout, while appropriate key references direct the reader to other resources and provide valuable suggestions for further study.

With a strong clinical emphasis, and drawing on the expertise of an international author team, this concise, practical guide will enable the reader to deal with the problems associated with angina with understanding and confidence.