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Epilepsy in Children, 2E

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Taylor & Francis
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Epilepsy is the most common neurological disorder of childhood, occurring both in children whose physical and cognitive states are otherwise normal as well as being a facet of a more generalised and severe brain disease. There are many manifestations of epilepsy and, therefore, a diversity of factors in underlying pathology, responses to treatment and prognosis. Full understanding requires knowledge of the basic science that underlies epilepsy and its causes, and an appreciation of cognitive, psychiatric and social factors.

This book is a comprehensive and up-to-date review of all aspects of childhood epilepsy for the specialist neurologist or paediatrician with an interest in this area. The first edition was praised for its valuable clinical approach to examining the nature of epileptic syndromes and for its appropriate and readable coverage of the underlying basic science, features that are retained and expanded upon in this revision. Particular updates include full coverage of new developments in epidemiology, genetics, classification, imaging, drug therapy and other treatments. Several new chapters have been added, covering eyelid myoclonia, Rasmussen's syndrome, cognitive and behavioural manifestations of epilepsy, and vagal nerve stimulation.

This book is essential reading for paediatric neurologists, epileptologists and paediatricians, and will continue to provide invaluable support for any physician confronted by a child with epilepsy.