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Practical Paediatrics

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This is a comprehensive textbook of paediatrics that describes childhood disease within the context of social determinants of illness, such as genetic origins and social factors. The emphasis is on differential diagnosis from a presenting-problem viewpoint, making it suitable for any problem-based learning style of curriculum. The new 6th edition is more comprehensive and more concise; the clinical focus is made even stronger with clinical examples. There are more images, and the full text is online at StudentConsult, along with self-assessment, further reading and web links.

  • New co-editor, Mike South
  • Fully updated, rewritten and extended detailed treatment of paediatric illnesses, arranged by systems.
  • Takes into account social factors in paediatrics - the family, problems of adolescence, etc.
  • Clinical examples - clearly signposted - are used throughout.
  • New chapters include obesity in children and adolescents, child health in a global context, child and adolescent gynaecology.
  • Online version of text available on Student Consult.
  • Self-assessment section and further reading, as well as web links, now online.