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Pain Medicine: The Requisites in Anesthesiology

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This new volume in the REQUISITES IN ANESTHESIA Series thoroughly but concisely covers the many diverse aspects of pain medicine. It explains all of the basic principles, clinical concepts, and management options involved in providing anesthesia for patients suffering from a range of pain inducing syndromes, including psychological testing. And, it discusses recent advances and changing trends in anesthetic care. A user-friendly format, with many at-a-glance tables and boxes, makes clinical information easy to access.

  • Covers a full range of Pain Syndromes, enabling quick review
  • Illustrates all aspects of Pain Medicine using new artwork for anatomic and physiologic topics
  • Provides easy to remember "Pearls" through key-points boxes and a chapter outline at the beginning of each chapter
  • Presents all the information on pain medicine needed to certify or recertify in Anaesthesiology