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Dorland's Pocket Medical Dictionary

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Since 1898, Dorland's Pocket Medical Dictionary has continuously maintained the standard as the world's most convenient, user-friendly, portable reference on medical terminology. Thoroughly revised to reflect the latest advances in medicine, this 28th edition delivers the accurate, clear, up-to-date definitions you expect from Dorland's - in a highly compact, easy-to-use format. Bonus software lets you add hundreds of thousands of medical terms to your computer's spell-checker.

  • Is based on Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary - the world's most authoritative, trusted medical dictionary - for completeness and accuracy you can depend on.
  • Includes a 32-page insert of full-color anatomical illustrations to help you understand bodily structures and their definitions.
  • Features the most portable format of any medical dictionary on the market.
  • Offers thumb tabs as well as color headwords and guidewords to expedite reference.
  • Incorporates sweeping updates to reflect the latest medical terms, including the newest drugs.
  • Contains the latest edition of Dorland's Electronic Medical Speller - a $79.95 value - at no added cost, allowing you to quickly and easily add hundreds of thousands of medical terms to your computer's spell checker.
  • Presents anatomy terms in a new format that eliminates the need for cumbersome tables.
  • Adds 231 new full-color illustrations throughout the book to more vividly depict visual concepts.