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Preterm Birth: Prevention & Management

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Preterm birth is an increasing challenge in the developed and developing world.

As we begin to understand what contributes to the likelihood of preterm birth, obstetricians and gynecologists can advise mothers and aspiring mothers on how to minimize the risks. Doctors can also monitor those patients who are likely to be at risk to increase the chances of preventing or effectively managing preterm labor.

This practical book provides a clinically focused approach to the prevention and management of premature births, using the best available evidence to provide clear guidance to obstetricians, gynecologists, nurse midwives and family practitioners.   Written for an international audience, the author addresses the special issues affecting patients in the developing world, including infectious- and poverty-related preterm birth.

Each of the 30 chapters follows a wealth of practical features:

  • Key points and chapter summaries
  • Algorithms, tables and graphs
  • Summary of the evidence-based literature
  • Easy-to-use clinical guidelines