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Identification of Neural Markers Accompanying Memory

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Identification of Neural Markers Accompanying Memory is a fresh and novel volume of memory study, providing up-to-date and comprehensive information for both students and researchers focused on the identification of neural markers accompanying memory. Contributions by experts in specific areas of memory study provide background on and definitions of memory, memory alterations, and the brain areas involved in memory and its related processes, such as consolidation, retrieval, forgetting, amnesia, and antiamnesiac effects. With coverage of the principal neurotransmitters related to memory, brain disorders presenting memory alterations, and available treatments?and with discussion of neural markers as new targets for the treatment of memory alterations?Identification of Neural Markers Accompanying Memory is a necessary and timely work for researchers in this growing field.

  • Discusses the alterations of memory in diverse diseases
  • Includes coverage from a basic introduction of memory investigation
  • Reviews brain areas and neurotransmitters involved in memory
  • Discusses behavioral models of memory
  • Contains novel insights into the complexity of signaling and memory
  • Includes the neuropharmacological and neurobiological bases of memory