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Manual of Hypertension of the European Society of Hypertension, Second Edition

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Despite recent advances in healthcare, hypertension is a leading cause of death and remains a disease burden worldwide. Now in its second edition, the Manual of Hypertension of the European Society of Hypertension reflects emerging concepts that have the potential to impact diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to this condition. Updating all material, this new edition also delves into a number of areas that have received heightened interest in recent years or have become a matter of debate due to the controversial interpretation of the available data.

Topics include:

  • Background, history, and epidemiology of hypertension
  • Risk factors such as pulse pressure, high heart rate, obesity, diabetes, and stress
  • Etiological and pathophysiological aspects, including hemodynamics and genetics
  • Hypertension-based damage to body organs and systems
  • Blood pressure measurements and other diagnostic procedures
  • Pharmacological, nonpharmacological, and medical treatments
  • Hypertension in special populations, including diabetic patients, children, during pregnancy, and post-transplant
  • Cost-benefit aspects of hypertension treatment and running a hypertension center

Each topic is addressed in a format that will be of interest not only to investigators and students who conduct studies on hypertension and its cardiovascular and renal complications, but also to clinicians needing in-depth information on diagnostic and therapeutic aspects. The book is an essential guide to all facets of this debilitating condition that remains a threat to public health.