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Pulmonary and Extrapulmonary Tuberculosis

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Cüneyt Tetikkurt BSc MD
Nobel Tıp Kitabevleri
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Tuberculosis is a historical disease that has existed for many years all over the world that will continue to be an extremely serious major health problem in the future especially in the developing countries. Today the inclusion of many new immunosuppressive agents in various treatment protocols commenced for malignant or autoimmune diseases and the significant increase in diseases compromising the immune system have led to the emergence of tuberculosis as a serious health problem in developed countries as well. As these facts appear to be a significant concern for tuberculosis there still exists a remarkable ignorance relevant to the significance and severity of the disease. This illiteracy induces major sequela concerning the diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis that leads to the rapid spread of the infection along with the emerging of the drug resistant bacilli. This book has been prepared to reveal the basic diagnostic facts along with the treatment principles as well as the solution of the two rapidly increasing problems mentioned above including the prevention of rapid spread and drug resistant bacilli. The format of the book is easy to understand and has been prepared in an order for daily practice in a way to include only sufficient information along with the contribution of the current data for tuberculosis and without unnecessary details. This resource will be of great benefit to all clinicians specialists residents and students especially to academicians dealing with tuberculosis. I fully believe that the book will answer all the epidemiological diagnostic and therapeutic questions about tuberculosis in regard to clinical practice along with a theoretical basis. Cüneyt Tetikkurt Fenerbahçe September 2021