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Handbook of Cardiac Emergencies

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Greenwich Medical Media
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Handbook of Cardiac Emergencies is aimed at a broad spectrum of intensive and coronary care personnel and provides rapid access to important information on the treatment of the patient in the coronary care unit (CCU), in an easily readable and accessible format. It comprises a series of cutting-edge article on key aspects of emergency care of the cardiac patient and reviews some of the most advanced concepts in the modern CCU. Whilst assuming a basic knowledge of underlying problems, the book nonetheless outlines key physiological principles where necessary, and critically reviews current literature and best practice. Divided into two main sections, Basic Principles and Specific Problems, for ease of quick reference, the book focuses throughout on providing key practical information on treatment techniques for busy CCU personnel and features such important topics as shock, severe sepsis, echocardiography, catheter-based treatments for acute cardiac emergencies, cardiac arrest and CPR, cardiogenic shock, heart failure and the role of surgical intervention. All of the authors are directly involved in CCU research and practice and are familiar with the latest techniques and developments in this fast-moving field of medicine.