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PDxMD Ear, Nose and Throat Disorders

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Information on 24 conditions.

  • Offers in-depth, condition-specific information on diagnosis and patient evaluation, treatment and management strategies, outcomes, prevention/risk reduction, drugs, and more.
  • Provides instant confirmation of clinical judgments for six principal areas: Disease Background, Diagnosis, Treatment, Outcomes, Prevention, and Resources.
  • Features the expertise of nationally recognized leaders in primary care and specialty medicine who have synthesized the latest peer-reviewed resources and evidence-based information.
The PDxMDT Medical Conditions Series provides the latest on evaluation, diagnosis, management, outcomes, and prevention-with concise, action-oriented recommendations for each condition. Based on the breakthrough PDxMD electronic information system, each title in the series provides the same comprehensive approach for each disorder in a consistently organized format that supports clinical judgment at the point and time of care.